Susan Grey

Susan Grey is a Energy EFT Master Practitioner, EMO Advanced Practitioner & EMO Practitioner in Columbia, South Carolina, United States
Susan Grey


Since 1984,  Susan Grey, a natural born intuitive and empath, has been channeling wondrous healing energies for a group of non-physical healers, clearing people, pets and places. 

Susan does almost all her work at a distance; she has been certified as an EmoTrance advanced practitioner and trainer, an EFT advanced practitioner and trainer. She offers gifted EFT/EmoTrance healing combined with her amazing and unique Sound Healing wherein she channels your feelings through her vocal cords and you will notice feelings you may not even have known you had, miraculously releasing.  Susan also provides Harry Potter-like Space Clearing (see below), Past Lifetime Healing, Water Crystal Healing derived from Emoto's research on water crystals, Chakra Balancing/Cords Dissolving, timed-release Energetic Flower Essence Bouquets, Inner Child Healing, and more.

Susan provides phenomenal Space Clearing of people's homes, workspaces, items, etc. And, she provides space clearing of areas of previous trauma, eliminating the emotional charge you may have been carrying for years. Susan has worked with thousands of people and their animal companions by phone, Facetime, Skype, Hangouts, WhatsApp, all over the world. 

Susan was a social worker for 20 years, and she often brings holistic counseling/life coaching to her work. Her father's first cousin was Lou Schucman, married to Helen Schucman, who scribed "A Course in Miracles," which has helped millions of people all over the world.



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